About ADEM

The Agency for the Development of Educational Management (ADEM) is an Executive Agency established under the Executive Agencies Act Cap.245 vested with mandates of improving education management in Tanzania through provision educational management training, research and consultancy services. The establishment of the Agency is in tandem with the Government initiatives for realisation of the Constitution of the United Republic Tanzania and Vision 2025 which requires every Tanzanian to be educated. In order to implement the Vision 2025, education sector need knowledgeable personnel who are able to supervise and manage the provision of education to the public. ADEM is operating through three campuses. The Headquarter is located in Bagamoyo town, 66 km North East of Dar Es Salaam. The second campus is located in Mwanza City, near Kirumba Resort while the third campus is located in Mbeya City,New Forest Area near Mbeya Regional Hospital,Opposite to MSD (Medical Store Department).