Examination regulations

The Examination Regulations are guidelines covering the Agency’s policy on matters affecting the conduct of examinations and other academic assessments.

The Regulations shall come into force on such a date after the endorsement of the Ministerial Advisory Board of ADEM, and as approved by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE).

The Chief Executive shall apply these regulations in governing the conduct of examinations and other academic assessments.  

The Chief Executive of the Agency or any authorized committee or person affected in any other way by examination processes shall apply these regulations.

In any dispute regarding the interpretation of these Examination Regulations, the Chief Executive or those delegated under the authority shall be the Mediator in the first instance. Any appeal against the interpretation of these regulations by the Chief Executive or those so delegated under the authority lies with the Agency’s Ministerial Advisory Board whose ruling shall be final.

Gender and Number

In these Examination Regulations, unless otherwise provided, the words importing singular include plural and vice versa, and the words importing masculine gender shall include feminine gender but words importing natural person shall not include body corporate.

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